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At Weekend Safari we are firm believers that the future of fashion is rooted in sustainability, organic fabrics, and waste reduction. Despite the industry as a whole still living in the dark ages when it comes to environmental damage and neglect for the health and well-being of consumers and industry workers alike, there is light seeping in. What started as a niche movement for ethically and sustainably produced clothing will, with diligent messaging, become the norm as consumers grow increasingly aware and conscious in their decisions.

And NOW is the time to make the push! We’re calling on models, actresses and other influential women reading this to take a stand. Don’t wait to “see where this movement goes”. Make a strong statement and you will be recognized. Endorse sustainability, eschew wastefulness and greed, and change the world by impacting consumer behavior. At the end of the day, Big Fashion will adapt only in response to customers voting with their dollars.

We’re doing our small part to help the revolution by making organic, ethically and sustainably manufactured clothing sexy. Our Better Bodysuits capsule collection is focused on the conscious fashionista, to give her a sense of glamor without the guilt. Feel the difference that a supple, organic cotton wardrobe staple can make.

With love from Brooklyn.